Nick Green

His slider sure has bite but he is too inconsistent. The key for him to
succeed is to learn to command his fastball.

Adam LaRoche
露了一手接球功省了Pratt一個暴傳,今年Furcal就靠他了。今天打擊沒表現,I really like his swing. He might have some trouble with inside pitch early in the season, but I think he could make the adjustment and be just fine.

He hits really smooth, the key for him is to lay off the breaking ball outside the strike zone. If he could do that, he's gonna hit.

Nice bat speed. The key for him is being patient. DON'T swing at everything you see!!

狀況不錯。He gotta have plus command to be a starter so I don't think he's gonna make it. But I think he's gonna be better than last year(but not a lot).

Ryan Glynn
這傢伙是哪來的?還蠻不錯的。說不定可以進bullpen。球速有low-90s, curve很好,不知道還有沒有其他武器,還有一種average pitch的話應該可以進bullpen,沒有的話比較拼...但還是有機會。


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