Those were some head-scratching moves.


Wren must answer these questions to explain his moves so far in this winter.

1) Why taking Melky Cabrera if the aim is to save some money after letting go Church and with Heyward on hand? (I have no answer for this)

2) Is there absolute need to cut down the budget before the season starts? Is those money saved for another move? (Neither for this one but if there isn't, it's probably better to hold on to Vazquez a little longer and look for a better offer)

3) Is there other possible moves to improve the team significantly given that there is no obvious black holes on the teams after shopping for some mediocre talent? (I don't see any so please surprise me)

4) Why is there need to save money after spending 10M on 2 relievers? (I'd say Wren was too optimistic about dealing Lowe, but even so this is not Braves-style, or should I say JS-style)

5) Why signing 2 expensive relievers for 10M when you had 2 decent ones who cost less? (This was understandable until the Vazquez deal)


As a fan, we can only hope for the best. For things like there is still gaps in pitching talent between AL east and NL east so Melky have a career high in his 25 years old season, or Glaus returns to his 2008 form, etc. These moves might turn out alright but it sure doesn't look good for the time being.


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