5.1IP 7R 6ER 5K 3BB 1HR for Kris.


While Medlen still got decent control, his command is off. He couldn't keep his fastball down and left way too many of them thigh high and some of them got pounded. He couldn't quite find the outside border of the strikezone of the home plate umpire either. The changeup was still working and he found his curve back after the first two innings. His cutters chipped in a little, too. However, without quality location on his fastballs, he couldn't get on top of the hitters. Plus the fact that whatever he throws, Dominic Brown hits it. Making it one of his worst outing of the year. The Braves fans surely hope that it's the temperature that's been giving Medlen trouble locating his fastballs.

On the other side, Pettibone effectively attacks the lower strikezone with his changeups and occasional fastballs and sliders. With enough of them caught the bottom of the strikezone, the Braves hitters couldn't do too much. McCann, Freeman are swinging a good bat now, and so is Simmons but I want to see him lift the ball a bit more and get more line drives instead of hard grounders to the pull-side of the infield. Justin Upton's timing seems to be a little off and hope he can make the adjustment before long. Can't tell what's with Uggla and B.J, though, at least not before watching them for more at-bats.

 Medlen還有control但沒了command,速球幾乎完全抓不到好球帶底,內外角邊緣也掌握不精準,喪失了主戰武器的Kris幸好變速還能發揮功效,第三局曲球也找了回來雖然整體也控制得不是太優,cutter也敲了些邊鼓,但依賴控球的他失去控球之後也只能做到這麼多了,加上Dominic Brown什麼都打,跟一些運氣不好的球讓Medlen爆得有點慘。去年我就說過Medlen的鬼神控球是不可能一直保持住的,但今天這樣是已經大失他的水準了,希望這樣的表現只是午後高溫的產物。

另一邊費城的Pettibone則靠著大量的變速以夠好的比例擊中好球帶低角落持續攻擊勇士打者,配合他的速球及滑球,給了除McCann以外的勇士打者很大的麻煩。現在的打線只有McCann和Freeman,另外加上Simmons打得比較像樣,但Simmons雖然solid contact不少,但希望他能多把球拉起來多些平飛球少殺點蚯蚓。Justin揮棒的timing有點慢,希望他能夠儘快調整。Uggla和B.J.我就看不太懂,Uggla有時就是會狠狠打到一些東西,但有時又輕易被電爆。B.J.則是一直被電爆。可能要多看幾場才比較能知道他們在幹嘛。


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