ESPN更新了Meche的scouting report:

Meche has a fastball in the mid-90s and a nasty curve, plus a slider and a changeup. When he's on, he has great command and can be dominant. The struggles come when he starts missing, falling behind and leaving the ball up. Paradoxically, he also got hurt when he was too eager to put the ball over the plate, such as in the first few pitches of an at-bat. With no one on base, he went right after hitters and sometimes got hit, but when he had to pitch out of a jam, he worked more carefully and often got hitters to expand the zone. Once he realizes how good his stuff really is, he may break through to the next level. He still must prove he has the stamina to be a starter-besides his second-half drop-off, he also tended to lose effectiveness after he reached the 60-pitch mark.
下面是去年球季中間我在洋基版PO過的我自己對Meche的個人scouting report:
Meche throws a mid-90s fastball with good late movement, and a 91-94mph 2-seamer with sinking movement. He has a nasty curve, a good knuckle curve and a decent changeup to keep hitters off balance. He's also tinkered with a slider . He uses both side of the plate and is unafraid to challenge hitters with heat. He throws a lots of fastballs in the upper half of the strike zone. He tends to lose the strike zone in the game occasionally, but most of the times he's able to make adjustment quickly and find his way back.
大致上對他的看法差不多,我所提到的fastball movement是當他投偏高速球時會有跟Prior類似的上昇尾勁,這一點的確一般的scouting report通常不會去提到,兩邊比較大的差別是STATS沒提到Meche會丟2-seamer,我現在也不太敢肯定不過既然我有寫到應該就是我有看到他有在丟,這個部分通常也是一般scouting report最容易忽略或出錯的地方,另外k-curve的部分我是有一次聽到他的訪問時他自己說的(不然我也根本不會去想到他有k-curve這種事)應該是不會錯,其他部分都差不多,都有提到他相當敢於挑戰打者,常丟高球,有時控球會走掉,至於六十球之後狀況會下滑這我看他比賽時沒有特別感覺到,可能是在數據上有這個傾向吧,至於下半季鳥掉這部分希望明年開始就不再出現在他的scouting report上了。


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