THT的5 question到了Braves的部分,這是Mac Thomason的五個問題:

1.Who's the closer?
2.Is Jeff Francoeur for real?
3.Is Andruw Jones for real?
4.Is Jorge Sosa for real?
5.How will the Braves fare without Leo Mazzone?

有點無聊的五個問題,其中第二和第三點也不會是對Braves有決定性影響的問題,至於第五點雖然令人關注,不過我的直覺是不會多嚴重,甚至不一定感覺得出來,而且不論到底Mazzone effect存不存在都很難去實證。不過說實在的,勇士隊的還真的不是那麼容易寫,就像Thomason說的"same old, same old"一樣,真正的問題似乎只有一個:would this year be the year?

Of course as a Braves fan, we all hope that year never comes.

BTW, here's some John Thomson update by Will Carrol:

John Thomson figures to follow Leo Mazzone out of Atlanta, but an injury has held up his departure. Two teams thought they had the inside line on Thomson, but both the Pirates and Mariners pulled back when Thomson’s elbow came up lame. The Braves now expect Thomson to miss the first week, staying back in Orlando when the team heads north. His first scheduled start comes early in Week Two, so keep an eye on his extended spring training work to determine if he’ll be back on time, Atlanta or not.


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