"We really want to concentrate on being better baserunners and more aggressive baserunners. We've got to find more ways to score more runs."
--Mariners Manager Mike Hargrove , April 3, 2006 


在兩人出局分佔一二壘,僅落後一分,輪到第四棒的Richie Sexson,而對方投手已經連投六個壞球的情況下發動雙盜壘?先不談這個「積極跑壘」的策略是不是真的對水手隊不會有多大的幫助或甚至有害。今天這個戰術的發動時機和結果實在太糟糕,當Mike Maroth已經出現控球上的不穩定而連丟四個壞球保送Ibanez,又對Sexson連投兩壞球時,根本不用盜壘也很可能靠Sexson的保送而擠成滿壘,更別提就算盜壘成功也不過是讓一壘空出來,讓Sexson更不容易看到多好打的球而已,而且在盜壘失敗的那一球Maroth丟的也是壞球。喔,順便提一下,Sexson生涯在零好兩壞之後的打擊成績是.284/.526/.619,過去三年面對左投的成績是.300/.452/.589,另外Ibanez生涯總共盜壘成功30次,失敗16次,最近兩年則是成功10次,失敗6次(都不含今天)。

That's just pure idiocy, period.


今天BP的Prospectus Notebook提到了Beltre:
"In Baseball Prospectus 2006, we took our best shot at predicting the future for the unpredictable Adrian Beltre:

 Beltre will never hit .334 again, but he still has power in his arsenal. Look for production somewhere between the 2004 masterpiece and the dregs of '01-'03 and '05, something along the lines of .280/.340/.500.

Please excuse the typos in that passage. We meant to say "along the lines of .080/.140/.200."

Beltre's woefully slow start is no laughing matter in the Emerald City, not when he's in the second year of a five-year, $64 million contract that's paying him to be a star performer. Through Wednesday's game, Beltre was hitting .161/.266/.179. He didn't garner a single extra-base hit until the 16th game of the season. Beltre continues to play solid defense at third base, and he's even shown some basestealing ability (5 SB, 0 CS) early this season. But a .183 Equivalent Average won't get it done, even if he became Brooks Robinson with the leather and Rickey Henderson on the basepaths. "


Player             VORP
Rondell White     -11.2
Dan Johnson        -9.8
Casey Kotchman     -7.1
Jay Payton         -6.8
Adrian Beltre      -6.1

BTW, Ichiro!仍然打得很糟糕,現在我倒是希望他能打得再更糟一點,看會不會激起他想重返2004榮光的想法。


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